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Medicare Coverage & Benefits

May 24, 2022
Understanding coverage for nursing home services may feel frustrating. At Maria Joseph, our expert admissions and business office teams are trained to help! Planning for a short-term rehab stay after surgery? We assist families in understanding their payment options and insurance benefits with the ease of a phone call or visit.

The benefits that Medicare offers toward the cost of nursing home care are limited. Medicare is not intended to provide a long-term care solution. Rather, it is designed for those who need skilled nursing care for a limited time, such as short-term rehabilitation. Neither Medicare nor Medicare supplemental insurance will pay for nursing home care after the 100-day maximum is reached and all criteria have been met. We can help evaluate your plan and benefits to help you decide what might be covered.

We can assist in determining your Ohio Medicaid eligibility to help you prepare for the Medicaid application process, making it easier to navigate. Have questions about how you qualify? Call us! We'll be happy to review your financial coverages. We can also give you tools to assist in applying for Medicaid.

Know someone that may need help with placement? A short interview will reveal eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. We're here to help! Please reach out with any questions or assistance by following the contact form below.

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